Immersive Architecture

Visit your futur house with Immersive Virtual Reality.


With Immersive Virtual Reality you are bringing your projects and your clients in a new dimension. You have to know about!


Computer based VR is certainly as immersive as it can be. The visitor puts an headset (Oculus Rift or htc VIVE), connected to a fast PC or laptop on his back, and takes two controller in his hands. He is then instantly transported into a virtual world that is made interactive in real time. He no longer sees the room in which he finds himself. This high-end graphic virtual world is created, with a software used by game designers, on the base of your simple 3D model. The joysticks allows to interact with the created world (to open doors, windows, drawers, move furniture, etc.) and to teleport. A space of about 15m2, where the visitor who lives the experience moves around, and is bound by two sensors that make it possible to delimit the space that is available inside the virtual space. This is to prevent the visitor from crashing against the walls of the real space! The result is bluffing and the immersion immediate.


We work with the best computer assisted headsets on the market. Right now. we get the best result with the htc VIVE.

No dizziness and no deformations.

With the headset the visitor enters in the head of the architect.


While the visitor starts to discover and to walk in the virtual space, he’ll be able to do bigger moves by teleporting  himself, by activating the controller, from the house to the street or from the garden to the second floor or anywhere he likes to have a point of view. The controller also gives a visual indication of the positioning of the hands.


When immersed in virtual, several mediums are used to build those numeric environement in order to bring a tangible reality. Computer-aided design or manufaturing, as well as photographs and videos are integrated to the experiences.